preCICE, Python 2, and CentOS 7

Hi, everyone,
I have used preCICE with Python2 succefully on Ubuntu18 and finished relevant computation.

However, it failed when I installed the Python API on Centos7 of the high performance computing system. The error is as follows:
python install --user

I have extended the environment variables LIBRARY_PATH , LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the library location precice-1.6.1/build and CPATH to precice-1.6.1/src.
I don’t know where the error came from. Is it related to the mpicompiler?

Hi @jun_leng!

The error that you posted is too short and I cannot understand what it could mean just by this. Is there any additional information?

What happens if you run mpic++ --version on the terminal? Do you get anything like command not found?

By the way, please upgrade to Python 3, if possible. See also this topic. Is there any reason to stick to Python 2?

Thank you, @Makis.
I loaded the openmpi module in the HPC and it succeeded. I will upgrade to Python3 and try again!

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