Tests after make install fail


I’m trying to install preCICE on a server. I installed everything from source.
make and make install do not report errors.
Then I do ctest and it seems that all the tests fail. Here I’ve attached the log.
precice_tests_failed.txt (33.1 KB)

I think it’s related to MPI but I cannot understand what’s the problem.

Thank you for your help,


Hi Alice,

yes, it seems like an mpi problem.

What do you get when running command -v mpiexec?
The first shown path should give you the executed mpi binary and it seems like your system detects the wrong one.

Maybe you need to load mpi on your system via a module or you have some custom mpi executable unintentionally in your path (e.g. the paraView mpi exectuable).

You can always edit the mpi bindary used for the tested by running ccmake . in your build directory, pressing t for advanced mode and looking for the MPIEXEC_EXECUTABLE.

Hope this helps,

I get /usr/local/bin/mpiexec
The other problem is that even if in my .bashrc I have correctly added the PATH to a more recent version of OpenMPI installed from source, it doesn’t see it.

What do you mean by “load mpi via module”?

Hm this seems to be fine.

How do you add it in your PATH. Make sure you prepend the custom location instead of append, i.e. PATH=/my/path/:$PATH. Which mpi version was picked up by cmake, is it the same?

I was not sure if you are working on a cluster where module are available, so that you can ask for pre-installed mpi versionsm but I guess the answer is now obsolete.

Yes I added the PATH in the correct way, I presume:

export PATH="/home/softwares/openmpi-4.0.3/bin:$PATH"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/home/softwares/openmpi-4.0.3/lib"

But it still sees the /usr/local/bin/mpicc for some reason.

Ok I succesfully added the latest version of OpenMPI on my bashrc.
I assume that I have to recompile both PETSc and preCICE because they have to be linked to the same MPI. Right?

That’s right. Do you see any differences in the utilized mpi version when running cmake? You might need to delete your cmake cache (or set the new path manually), otherwise cmake will be happy with other mpi version?

I’ll let you know if it works! For now I completely removed petsc and precice folders, just to be sure :joy:

Thank you for your help, I hope it works.

Hi @DavidSCN

I just wanted to let you know that all the tests passed. Thank you for your help!


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