FSI simulations with overset grid in OpenFOAM

Did anyone succesfully conduct an FSI simulation using preCICE with an overset grid in OpenFOAM?


as far as I am aware, no one has yet. Theoretically it should be possible. preCICE only knows information about the coupled interface (coordinates of the vertices, values on the surface etc.). Whether there is some kind of grid overlap does not/should not concern preCICE. With most overset grid methods, there is a background mesh, and another mesh around an object that is at least a few cells “deep”. Essentially preCICE would only need to know about the interface points on the object, which should stay constant. As long as the only cells that are altered are the ones far away from the interface, then that should be fine.

Derek Risseeuw used the overset grid functionality of OpenFOAM (v1712) in his Master’s Thesis Fluid Structure Interaction Modelling of Flapping Wings (TU Delft, 2019). A summary is also presented in a paper of the same at the ECCOMAS Coupled Problems 2019.

I am not aware of anyone else at the moment, but maybe someone in our community is currently active on this. I am marking this as “resolved”, but please feel free to add more resources here in the future.

(later update: I was wrong about overset being used in Derek’s work, but Julian Schliessus did make it work.)