One step theta scheme in deal.ii adapter

Hello, I’m struggling to understand the mathematical background of the one-step theta scheme implemented in deal.ii adapter In there the rhs is implemented as:

RHS=(M - theta * (1-theta) * delta_t^2*K) * V_n - delta_t * K * D_n + delta_t * theta * F_n+1 + delta_t * (1-theta) * F_n

I do not get the original time integration equation which leads to the above equation. I have a look in deal.ii step-23 tutorial which provides an explanation of the Rothe method, which also uses theta parameter and gives identical LHS:

Following that, the rhs should be:

RHS=M * (D_n+delta_t * V_n) - delta_t^2 * theta * (1-theta) * K * D_n + delta_t^2 * theta * (theta * F_n+1 + (1-theta)*F_n)

Any help to explain the differences would be appreciated.

Hi @vryy

have you already seen the related documentation on our website??

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Thanks @DavidSCN. I overlooked it. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

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