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I need to set up a simulation of 2 perpendicular flaps in tandem using SU2 and MBDyn.
I set 2 wetSurfaces in the SU2 config, so I will pass to the solid solver 2 vectors of Forces.
My question is: do I have to use 3 partecipants? Can I use only 1 Fluid and 1 Solid? In the tutorial folder I saw an analogous case in which the solid solver was split in 2, but my solid model is already made of the 2 flaps.

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Hi Alice,

From preCICE perspective, it’s not required that you split up the solid case into two separate participants. You might need some tweaks in the SU2 adapter. It could however make your live easier in terms of numerics (how does MBDyn solve two non-connected structures?) and in terms of software modularity (say you don’t want 2 flaps but 100, and you only want to mesh one flap).


My ultimate goal is to do a FSI simulation of an helicopter rotor, so the mbdyn structure will be connected but there will be multiple interface surfaces, namely the 4 blades.
Do you think SU2 requires 2 different meshes from the solid partecipant?

OK, in this case it should be really one participant for the structure :+1:
For the meshes, I guess both are possible. It’s more a meshing problem. My best guess is that you are better off considering multiple meshes, but I don’t know the SU2 adapter very well.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll definitely try with multiple meshes and one partecipant.

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