Explicit Scheme on perpendicular flap tutorial


I was wondering if anyone tried the new 2D FSI perpendicular flap tutorial with an explicit serial coupling.
I tried with MBDyn and SU2 and succeeded. Is it strange?

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Hi @alicezanella

It is not totally unnatural that a coupling problem configured with parallel-implicit works with a serial-explicit coupling scheme. But when you say that the simulation succeeded do you mean it ran through or the results are exactly the same? It would be interesting to see the difference in the results of both cases.

Also, if you have a running case with MBDyn we would really appreciate a contribution to the tutorial as we are always looking to add new solver combinations. If you wish to contribute, you can open a pull request and we will help you in the review process.

Yes it seems that the tip displacements are the same. The serial implicit scheme takes 2-3 iterations to converge.

Regarding the MBDyn case, I’m developing it as part of my MSc thesis, so I’ll let you know when I can contribute!

FSI with a compressible flow (your case) has fewer stability problems than FSI with an incompressible flow. It can very well be that for an FSI with a compressible flow explicit coupling is stable.

Good reference for this difference: https://doi.org/10.1115/1.3059565


Hi @uekerman,
Thank you! I’ll look into it.

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