Multiphase FSI validation cases

Hi everyone,
My colleague and I have coupled our in-house solver with olaFlow(a toolbox based on interFoam) using preCICE v2.3.0 before but we haven’t validate the displacement continuity of the coupling system. I wonder if there are any multiphase FSI cases that we can adopt for validation?

By the way, I have a question about the density adopted in OpenFOAM while using preCICE. For multiphase cases, there is a file transportProperties which contains the density of air and water in constant folder. However, there is also a density FSI rho in preciceDict. I set it to the same value of air’s density but the water pressure on the structure was still right. Does this mean that openfoam adapter won’t use the density provided in preciceDict once densities are set in transportProperties?

Any comments will be appreciated!
(I just find out the Category I selected was not quite appropriate and I’ve changed it to Non-preCICE now.)

Hi @Stan,

unfortunately, there is no tutorial for multiphase FSI yet (contributions welcome). However, other people have already tried, and your question sounds very similar to this one: OpenFOAM adapter for InterFoam: Density in Incompressible flow In principle, we use (and need) the density from preciceDict in incompressible cases. Since interFoam is a bit special, it is treated as a compressible solver:

See also:

Writing up some documentation (even just here) would be very useful.

PS: The category “Official adapters and tutorials” seems more fitting here than “non-preCICE”, as this really seems to be related to the OpenFOAM adapter implementation.

Hi Makis,
Sorry for the late reply!

In principle, we use (and need) the density from preciceDict in incompressible cases.

Thank you for the explanation and the linked thread is very helpful. It’s pretty clear for me now.

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