IFS with biphasique (CalculiX and OpenFOAM)

please can I run the FSI biphasic on coupled CalculiX and OpenFOAM, if yes give me some ideas or examples!!

Hi @fatiha,

I understand that you want to do a two-phase FSI simulation. This is in principle possible and has been done by others, but would need some extra effort to make it work.

Read more here: FSI with interFoam and CalculiX

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Hello everyone,
I am trying to execute a tutorial for an FSI simulation of an elastic flap perpendicular to a channel flow (flap_perp/OpenFOAM-CalculiX_interFoam )but during the execution, just Fluid who lunch and Solid always wait the communication and I had the following notes after the end of the Fluid execution

Looking for any time directories without results (e.g. stray functionObjectProperties files, see issue #26 on GitHub)...

### NOTE ### Make sure to use the correct solver for your OpenFOAM version! (interFoam for OpenFOAM v2112, OpenFOAM 6, or newer, vs interDyMFoam for older) You may change this in your Fluid/system/controlDict file, if needed.

Thank you for helping me,

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