I can't run the quickstart of preCICE

I followed the instructions in the Quickstart page, and in the fluid-openfam file, the openfoam ran normally, but in the solid-cpp file, I met the situation above.

I had tried the solutions mentioned in the followed sites:

preCICE communication over network - Using preCICE - preCICE Forum on Discourse


Help! The participants are not finding each other! - Using preCICE - preCICE Forum on Discourse,

but it all didn’t work.

I also tried change the m2n tag from ‘sockets’ into ‘mpi’, and used the command:

mpirun -n 10 ./run.sh

it remained wrong:

Sincerely thanks everyone who can help me in advance!

A interesting thing occurred. I can’t run the quickstart, but the case in tutorials runs normally without the situation mentioned above. So this topic may be closed.

Could you please elaborate on how you solved what?

I assume you are running in a cluster. Could it be that the exchange directory is not the same for both solvers, or that they don’t have access to it?

Thank you for your patience first!

When I run the quickstart, the openfoam runs too quickly. Even the fluid simulation is finished, the data transfer is not completed.

I think it’s a an issue that speed cannot kept synchronized.

When I run the tutorials, the openfoam runs not that quickly, and the link can be established normally for the data transfer speed and the software running speed keeping pace with each other.

I’m new to computer science, linux and preCICE, so maybe what I said is totally wrong.

The purpose for of this reply is that I want to show if the quickstart runs abnormally, just try the tutorials, it may do not matter for the quickstart. And it’s important to run your own simulation or the tutorials, not the quickstart.

Thank you again, Dr. Makis!

Check the log: Somewhere in the beginning of the solver output, OpenFOAM probably complains that it cannot find preCICE. But it is strange that the tutorials run normally (unless this is a misunderstanding).

No worries, keep trying to understand why everything happened the way it happened! :hugs:

aaahhh… not yet Dr., hopefully one day, but thanks! :sweat_smile: