How do I set preCICE's work path

I am using preCICE to couple two Fortran written programs: NE and TH. Where NE works under the ‘/case/NE’ path and TH works under the ‘/case/TH’ path, they need the same input under the ‘/case’ path. I use Fortran’s preCICE library to call the relevant functions.
At present, I have encountered a problem, after adding precice related functions to the NE and TH programs respectively, I found that the preCICE working path of the two programs is different, in ‘/case/NE’ and ‘/case/TH’ respectively, that is, the ‘precice-run’ path is different. preCICE can’t find the data or files it needs. How should this problem be solved? Can I only modify the NE and TH programs so that they work in the same path? Or can I set the preCICE work path, for example, in ‘/case’, but the work path of NE is still in ‘/case/NE’, and the work path of TH is still in ‘/case/TH’?

You can se the exchange-directory to .., and start each participant from theis case/NE and case/TH directories: Communication configuration | preCICE - The Coupling Library

This is also what we do in our tutorials.

Thank you for your reply, it really helps. I should have studied the tutorial more carefully.

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