Problems using precice-Fortran binding in F90 version

I am trying to couple Fire Dynamic Simulator (FDS) solver with Fenics using precice-fortran bindings.

FDS main scripts are written in Fortran-90 version (.f90) and precice-fortran binding is in 2003 version (.f03).

Therefore, when I try to call precice functions in the FDS main file (main.f90), then it shows error: '‘undefined reference to `precicef_action_write_initial_data_’

Could anyone suggest the solution to this .f90 and .f03 version problem?

Hi there,

There are 2 kinds of Fortran bindings:

  1. The bindings that ship as part of the preCICE library work with F90 (possibly even with F70)
  2. The fortran-module is an extended interface description, which was defined in Fortran 2003.

So, all you need is to directly call the bindings. You can checkout the Fortran 90 Solverdummy for inspiration.


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