How can we make the next (virtual) preCICE workshop awesome?

Our second preCICE workshop in February 2021 will be fully online. Maybe you have already gained some experience from similar virtual conferences, so let’s brainstorm: how can we make our first virtual workshop the best virtual workshop you have been to so far?

The more ideas you post here, the more preCICE goodies you will receive with your registration. :sunglasses: :mailbox_with_mail:

(I would really like that we use Discourse to interact and introduce our research and refer to it during the conference)

For exercises, don’t send PDF Files, but make interaktive activities using MURAL or another app. Thus, the participant can concentrate better in the context and problem and not in prepare the presentation of the answer.

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That’s a great suggestion, @JessicaMarino! We do want to offer again a training session (even longer this time) and we are planning to do it in break-out rooms with trainers “walking around”.

If you have more suggestions for such tools (or virtual conference platforms that would fit sessions similar to what we had last year), I would be very interested. Especially for free/open-source tools.