How can I create a Solid mesh for working with the nearest neighbor mapping?

Hi, I want to test the np mapping for my problem “the dam-break hitting an elastic vertical flap”. I create a tetrahedral grid and generate a file for the surface information, they are attached here. However, my coupling interrupts after a few iterations. Therefore, I do not sure if my Solid grid is adequate. Can anyone help me with an example of the grid files? or explain to me what is wrong in my files…

Thank you in advance for your help.
surface.sur (541 Bytes) mesh_C3D10.inp (20.3 KB)

Hi, could you post the .nam files for the complete CalculiX mesh and the log output of the solvers? NP mapping works with tetrahedral grids so I am not sure if that is the issue or not. From an initial look the files you posted seem correct.

Hi Kyle,

These are all the files related to Calculix:

I generated a tetrahedral grid of C3D10 elements in Salome and then I converted it to Calculix format using Unical. I think that my problem is related to the solid grid or to the np mapping because I run the same case with hexahedral mesh and the same coupling parameters using rbf mapping and I did not have problems to early in the simulation. In fact, until then the forces on the structure are negligible.

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi Jessica,

I can’t see any problems with the mesh itself. I have never had a problem generating a surface file from Salome before. I noticed in the results flap.frd that one of the vertices at the top remains zero while the other points do not. Looks like it is accidnetally fixed, but can’t see that in the files. I could not repeat this result by using CalculiX only, which indicates that the .nam files are not the issue.

Is the problem in the figure below repeated with other mapping parameters for this mesh, such as RBF and NN?

Screenshot from 2020-05-26 16-23-00

Could this actually be related to this issue with the SU2-CalculiX perpendicular flap tutorial?

@JessicaMarino did anything help you resolve this?

I couldn’t find the reason and changed to use the other mapping techniques

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