FSI simulation for a Rotor under Moving Reference Frame

Dear preCICE developers and users,
I am trying to implement the FSI simulation of a flexible turbine blade within preCICE (by coupling OpenFOAM and Caculix). I found that when I want to couple the fluid simulation for the rotor, which is in a Moving Reference Frame by using SRFPimpleFoam, with Calculix, the FSI simulation can never start. Therefore, may I ask whether preCICE supports this kind of FSI simulation when considering the Rotating Frame? If it is feasible, how to implement this?
Many thanks!

Hi @YabinLiu,

what do you mean by “the FSI simulation can never start”?

In general, people (e.g., @JulianSchl) have tried rotation successfully in the past: FSI coupling between OpenFOAM and MBDyn of a cycloidal rotor

Hi Makis,
Much appreciated for your shortly reply and suggestions. For a FSI simulation that runs well for pimpleFoam (i.e. a plate.), if I change the solver to SRFPimpleFoam (by which I can implement a prescribed rotating motion to the plate), the simulation will start with errors in the attached. I am suspecting that it is because of the coupling between the fluid in a Rotating Frame in OpenFOAM and the solid in a Stationary Frame in Calculix. Therefore, I am enquiring whether there are any successful cases in implementing this kind of simulations?

Cheers, Yabin

The adapter is trying to read the pointDisplacement field. If this just has a different name in your solver, you can always change that here:

(this is something we should maybe move to the preciceDict eventually)

If your solver uses completely different fields, you then probably need to extend/modify the adapter: Extend the OpenFOAM adapter | preCICE - The Coupling Library

Thnaks Makis,
Very helpful suggestions. We finally decided to not use the Moving Reference Frame for now, but will probably pay efforts to implementing it in future.

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