OpenFOAM 6dof solver and FSI with preCICE

I want to simulate rotatory machinery, with motion driven by the fluid. Let’s say that I know how to do it in OpenFOAM using the 6dof motion solver. But what if I want to have the deformations of the body using FSI.
Basically I’m asking about how to do it, and maybe it’s a good idea to publish as an example, on the Github site.

what I want is something like this video:
which was created with EMPIRE instead of preCICE


This is definitely doable by preCICE. Two examples:

  • In his thesis, Derek Risseeuw (who developed the extension of the OpenFOAM adapter to mechanical FSI) simulated flapping wings, with predescribed motion (OpenFOAM and CalculiX).
  • In another thesis that has not yet been graded/published, another student coupled different solvers for helicopter rotor simulations.

In your case, I guess that overset meshes in OpenFOAM could help you with modelling the rotating part, while CalculiX (or more solvers) should be able to model the rotating structure.

I would be happy to help you with the preCICE part and we would be happy to host the example in our wiki at the end. It will definitely be useful for more people. Let’s keep the discussion in this thread, so that everybody experienced in the various aspects can contribute.