FSI of a rotating wind turbine

Can preCICE be used for the 2-way dynamic FSI of a rotating wind turbine using OpenFOAM and CalculiX?


2-way dynamic FSI with OpenFOAM and CalculiX is already common.

The complicated part is the rotating body. Users have already done this with some additional effort, but there is no ready-to-use example.

Here is @JulianSchl’s project (with OpenFOAM and MBDyn): FSI coupling between OpenFOAM and MBDyn of a cycloidal rotor I don’t know if CalculiX can work in the same way.

See also a recently introduced tag for topics discussing rotating bodies (more topics may be out there already): Topics tagged rotating-bodies

We do have an open issue to create such a tutorial, though: Needed: Tutorial with OpenFOAM and overset mesh · Issue #335 · precice/tutorials · GitHub

Thank you very much!

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