6 DOF with preCICE for FSI

Hello, I am trying to have a flapping foil using a 6 DOF and couple the motion with Precice to have a complete FSI study. Is there a way to make the 6DOF motion that is already implemented OpenFOAM with precice. I saw an older post here with 2 PhD thesis but seem that they don’t contain what I want.

Rigid body motion is something that preCICE itself does support, and people have in the past used MBDyn or even written in-house examples, as, e.g., this (ancient) one:

Our Quickstart tutorial is essentially interaction between a fluid and a solid body:

There is also a community project coupling OpenFOAM and MBDyn:

Which theses do you mean? Could you please link them here? What else do you need?

Thanks for your reply. what I need in detail is to have a complete FSI solver. To use the actual 6dof motion solver inside openfoam to have a rigid body motion to the fluid mesh then using precice to couple opefoam with calculix to have deformation to a certain patch. So in brief ( solid body motion from the 6 dof ( a spring motion) , patch deformation from the solid solver ( calculix) )

Hi @Karim_Ahmed ,
as @Makis said, there is an implementation of the MBDyn adapter that allows to simulate rigid body motion for FSI. For the moment we don’t exploit the OpenFOAM sixDoFRigidBodyMotion but the usual displacementLaplacian. We tested it with classic “spring-mass-damper” applications for circle and square cylinders and it gives good results. It might be a bit cumbersome to configure at first but the MBDyn case should be easy to set up.
Let me know if you need some further info or some help in configuring a case.

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Hello Claudio, Thanks for your reply. Can you explain how I can use a classical spring mass damper in the openfoam with Precice ? using the displacement Laplacian as you mentioned? keeping in mind I am using Calculix as a solid solver.
Another question do you think I can add a spring mass damper system in calculix directly? so no need for the 6 dof of openfoam ?

Hi @Karim_Ahmed
we are using MBDyn to perform 6DoF FSI with OpenFOAM and preCICE. If you want to use the 6 DOF solver in OpenFOAM I don’t think that you can use preCICE (at least as is). I don’t konw if you can use CalculiX, I’m not an expert and I don’t know if you can describe a point mass with spring and damper in it. Besides you would need to map the wet surface to the point mass, I think.
These are the things that we have done using MBDyn.

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@Karim_Ahmed We are also facing a similar problem while trying to setup our case. How did you solve it?

Unfortunately No, We tried too many ways but we couldn’t reach any working setup

Hello Claudio, Did anyone in the community find a solution for this topic?

Hi @Karim_Ahmed ,
if you mean a solution involving CalculiX, I am not aware of any progress, but I am not a CalculiX expert. I am currently doing simulations involving rigid-body and and OpenFOAM through preCICE using MBDyn. This is the only setup that I know. Possibly there are others.