FSI coupling between OpenFOAM and MBDyn of a cycloidal rotor

sorry for my late reply :slight_smile:

First of all I have to point out that it is not possible to couple the (rotaitional) movement of a body with preCICE, so you can only couple the parameters suggested here (e.g. deformations, forces, …).
You either have to set a motion via the OpenFOAM configuration files or couple the motion via a custom link between you solvers. In my case I used a TCP socket connection to couple the motion data betwenn my structure and CFD simulation.

Having in mind that you have to deal with the motion as mentioned, with preCICE v2.2.0 it is possible to rotate one single body using the solidBodyMotion while coupling deformations with the displacementLaplacian solver via preCICE.

However it is not possible to move multiple bodies with the OpenFOAM v2012 solidBodyMotion while simultaniously deforming the bodies with the displacementLaplacian solver. The problem is that for such cases OpenFOAM provides the multiSolidBodyMotionSolver, which is not supported by preCICE (yet :wink:).

To handle this issue, @louisgag created a coustomized version of the solidBody motion solver, the solidBodyDisplacementLaplacianMultiZone solver.
With this adjustment OpenFOAM can handle the motion of multiple moving zones while using the displacementLaplacian solver.

So I’m not sure if I understand your explanation of “overset grid” correctly, but the simulation of a single moving/rotating body over a background grid (chimera method) works fine with preCICE. If you want to move the background mesh additionally to a body, you may look at my github case where I implemented this with the solidBodyDisplacementLaplacianMultiZone solver.