Concentration of Stress


I am trying to simulate the rotation of a turbine blade using OpenFOAM for fluid simulations and CalculiX for solid simulations. The simulation results are generally good, and the model rotates successfully. However, for some reason, there seems to be an inexplicable locking of a node, leading to stress concentration. I am using preCICE 2.5.0, ccx-2.19, and OF v2206.

I guess I’m missing something fairly basic here.


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You are not doing anything wrong. There used to be a bug in the CalculiX adapter, which was fixed in version 2.20.0: Null essential (Dirichlet) boundary condition imposed on node 1 · Issue #86 · precice/calculix-adapter · GitHub

Just upgrade your CalculiX and CalculiX adapter and the problem should fix itself.

Hi Makis,

Thank you for your reply.

Also, I came across the following article mentioning limitations of the OpenFOAM solver for rotational simulations. I would like to know if these issues have been resolved.

Thank you!

FSI coupling between OpenFOAM and MBDyn of a cycloidal rotor

I am not sure which limitations you are referring to (only had a quick look), but there has not been any related change in the OpenFOAM adapter since that project. I don’t know about OpenFOAM itself.

Probably due to the updates in OpenFOAM, my attempt to reinstall Precice was unsuccessful. Could you please provide the process to update CalculiX and its adapter?


In this case, I am using the pointDisplacement function to couple motion data, and I haven’t added the MBDyn adapter. I wonder if it is possible to successfully implement this turbine blade rotation case.

I am not sure what you mean by updates in OpenFOAM and that you could not install preCICE. You don’t need to re-install preCICE or the OpenFOAM adapter. Only CalculiX.

The instructions are here: Get the CalculiX adapter | preCICE - The Coupling Library