FSI: advection of sphere by viscous drag

Hi Im new to this forum.

I’ve been using OpenFOAM for a few years and FSI have been attracted my attention all the time.

At the moment I would like to simulate the movement of a sphere inside a tube or channel, or even open flow (air). Initially the sphere is rigid, but eventually I would like to set some mechanical properties and study sphere deformation due to flow or contact with walls.

If you are aware of any tutorial I can do to start Id be very grateful for your help. I have some experience in FEA (ansys) but I have installed calculix and dealii as well and Im doing some tuts.


Welcome @Fran :wave:

I recommend to start with the quickstart case:


And then probably the perpendicular flap:


Already a word of advice about the sphere case you want to do: the current OpenFOAM adapter uses a moving mesh (interface capturing) approach. You will not be able to move the sphere tooo much.

Hi Ben

thanks for your reply!

I have started with the tutorials, thank you.

Do you mean with current FV FE methods it is not possible to simulate Rigid (or Deformable) Body Movement of a solid due to advection?

No, in principle this is possible, but if you move your sphere from the very left to the very right of your channel, your mesh will get too distorted.