Explicit Dynamics Analysis Coupling

Hello All
I have a project involves large deformations. I am planning to use BlastFoam at the initial stage to generate pressure and velocity gradients of a shock propagation. Then with an explicit analysis solver (like lsdyna), I want to observe shock wave effects on solid structures (local damages). I saw that there is an adapter for lsdyna but I can not use as for metal casting. Which adapter can I use, any help would be great …

Hi @scorp08

The lsdyna-adapter in the preCICE project is in fact a descriptive guide on how to code an adapter for LS-DYNA. It is not something ready-to-use but more as a guide for a user to couple their LS-DYNA simulation with other codes using preCICE. If you read the guide and some steps are not clear we would be glad to help you! Please keep us posted if you use the documentation for your application

Doesn’t CalculiX also have such an explicit mode?