Error running CalculiX

I used *restart several times in a program,read and run the calculix program several times, and finally got an ERROR: *ERROR in u_calloc: error allocating memory
variable=nodempc, file=ccx_2.21.c, line=279, num=-2142496261, size=4.

Does anyone know how to correct this mistake?

Hi @Phoenix

Did you encounter this error while running a simulation in which CalculiX is coupling to another solver with preCICE? Or was this just from a CalculiX simulation?

This is an error I made up myself, and it is the result of running calculix with *restart,read multiple times according to the exported force.txt

Okay. If it is an error for a standalone CalculiX simulation, the appropriate place to ask this question would be the CalculiX Discourse:

yeah,But calculix Discourse did not solve my problem.
I came here to see if anyone could solve my problem.
And I would like to ask how precice uses calculix’s restart,read function to prevent this problem from occurring.Or how precice uses calculix so many times (Perpendicular flap, for example)? Where do I go to see the link code section for precice-calculix?

Hi @Phoenix

The CalculiX-preCICE adapter code is located at: GitHub - precice/calculix-adapter: preCICE-adapter for the CSM code CalculiX
The code in the adapter folder should have the things you are probably looking for. Sadly I cannot directly answer your queries as the question is pretty board. Trying to understand how CalculiX is coupling to another solver via preCICE is a good starting point, and our tutorials, such as the perpendicular-flap is a good place to start.