Can I move the OpenFOAM adapter .so file after building it?

I’m successfully building and using the OpenFOAM adapter. It works great. It works so well, I want to make it available for other people at my company to use it. When I build the adapter it is automatically put in $FOAM_USER_LIBBIN, which is in a location on our file system that only I can access. I don’t see anything wrong with simply moving to $FOAM_LIBBIN, which is in a location that all users on the filesystem can access. Can anyone see any issues with this before I just try it?

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There shouldn’t be any issue with that. We use FOAM_USER_LIBBIN because this is typically user-writable, so it is a good default. It is not hard-coded anywhere apart from the Allwmake file and we don’t depend on any dependency expected there.