Call for contributions to a preCICE-related session at the IACM Computational Fluids Conference

Deadline (extended) for one-page abstracts: October 14, 2022.

Dear preCICE community,

we are co-organizing a session at the IACM CFC23 conference, scheduled for April 25-28 in Cannes, France, and for many of you, this should be a very fitting place to present your research.

The idea for this session originates from Prof. Gavin Tabor (Univ. Exeter, OpenFOAM), in the context of the UK project CCP-WSI: A Collaborative Computational Project in Wave Structure Interaction and is co-organized by Dr. Stephen Longshaw (UKRI-STFC, MUI) and myself (TUM, preCICE). As a result, expect a mostly FSI-related audience (with particular focus on marine applications), in a relatively large CFD conference.

This session is not restricted to WSI in any way. We want to see contributions from various applications, using various coupling approaches. So, we hope to see many preCICE-related talks, as well as talks using other coupling tools.

Submit your abstract here, which (typically for IACM and ECCOMAS conferences) is only a single page. We know that April is far away and you still have a lot of work in the pipeline, don’t let that be a discouraging factor.

See you at Cannes! :fr:


Reminder: Two weeks left to submit your abstracts.

Reminder: One week left to submit your abstracts and show the CFD world what you can do with preCICE. :sunglasses: