Building OpenFOAM adapter results (undefined symbols of dependencies)

Hello everyone,
i just installed OpenFOAM-v2112 / openfoam-adapter and preCICE but I found the following error:

Everything looks fine in wmake.log.
=== ERROR: Building completed with linking problems: there were undefined symbols. ===
Possible causes:
- Is preCICE discoverable at runtime? Check the content of ADAPTER_PKG_CONFIG_LIBS above.
See wmake.log and ldd.log for more details.

i have ubuntu 20.04 and OpenFOAM 2112 with openfoam adapter v1812-v2112 newer
can you help me please

ldd.log (9.5 KB)
wmake.log (37.2 KB)

Looking at your ldd.log, these are the undefined symbols:

undefined symbol: fftw_taint	(/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
undefined symbol: fftw_join_taint	(/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

This should be related to your system / OpenFOAM installation and looks identical to this topic: Error while building openfoam-adapter for OpenFOAM-v1912 - #11 by steffenger

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Thank you
everything looks fine

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