Why mapping project method don't support FSI?

Idon’t konw why Mapping with connectivity is not surpportfor FSI, only for CHT-related fields?

preCICE is a black-box coupling library that doesn’t know your physics. Projection mapping can be used for FSI and CHT problems. It looks like your problem is related to the adapter that you are using

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you can see the picture, the information is from openfoam-adapter source , I can’t understand.

You can find a note regarding this in the adapter documentation.

Note: This is implemented for all CHT-related fields mapped with a consistent constraint, but it is not implemented for the FSI and FF modules.

It’s located at the end of the section on adapter implementation:


I think it’s very useful ,very thanks!

Whenever you see a “not implemented” message, it does not mean that there is a fundamental reason for not implementing it. Most commonly, the reason is just that we did not need it or have time to implement it, and it may be implemented in the future.

In this case, the reason was the following:

  • Back in the day, the OpenFOAM adapter only assumed fluid OpenFOAM solvers for FSI
  • In our tutorials, we typically write forces from the fluid (which are mapped conservatively) and read displacements (which are mapped consistently)
  • We assumed that the solid (non-OpenFOAM) solver would then always be the one that needs to provide mesh connectivity. This is not the case anymore, now that we also support solids4foam as a solid solver.

The FF module does not (yet) support connectivity because it was considered a secondary priority.