FSI_How do fluid solvers and solid solvers map data if the interfaces don't match

In the perpendicular-flap case, modify the size of the fluid-openfoam board, but not the caculix model. Is this mapping correct? For example, double the height of the flap in fluid openfoam without modifying the caculix model, can prececi exchange data? Is the mapped data correct?
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While the mapping handles cases where the two boundaries overlap or have gaps, they need to model the same geometry. If you have the two boundaries in different axes or they have very different lengths, then the mapping will do its best, but it will not be correct. In some rare cases, it may give seamingly reasonable results by sheer luck, but it will still not be correct.

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Thank you very much for your reply!
Would you please recommend an open source fluid-structure coupling meshing software that is easy to use?

Unfortunately, this is totally out of my expertise, as I typically don’t work on applications… :-/

But it would be a great question for Non-preCICE - preCICE Forum on Discourse

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