What FSI Algorithm does the preCICE used?

Hi, everyone

I’m new to preCICE, I has a question of preCICE, which I has’t find from the official website. Which Algorithm does the preCICE used to implement FSI, such as ALE(arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian), IBM(Immersed Boundary Method), and so on?


Hi Chen,
As far as I know, preCICE uses ALE to do FSI simulations. I’ve used preCICE to do FSI coupling for some time and I have to say it’s very useful for coupling your code with other solvers. Good luck!

Thanks, Stan.
I got it. It is a really useful tool.

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Note, however, that nothing prevents a user from applying IBM as well. While the adapters and tutorials we provide assume ALE, the preCICE library itself knows nothing about ALE or IBM.