Using precice for an open source solver with immersed boundary method implemented

I wanted to couple foam-extend, which has immersed boundary method, with a solid solver like deal-II. However, it seems that foam-extend isn’t supported by precice. Will there be any support for foam-extend in the near future? Are there any alternative open source fluid solver with immersed boundary method support for which precice is supported?

Last time I checked, we could not support foam-extend with the same OpenFOAM adapter because it was already too different from OpenFOAM. In particular, the functionObject interface did not support adjusting the time step size, while probably many other classes were quite different.

The good news are that you don’t need the OpenFOAM adapter to couple foam-extend. You can couple a specific foam-extend solver by adding calls to the preCICE library directly in its code: Couple your code | preCICE - The Coupling Library

Something similar was done in the (long) past in the FOAM-FSI project: GitHub - davidsblom/FOAM-FSI: Fluid-Structure Interaction solvers for foam-extend

I am not aware of any such out-of-the-box solution at the moment.

A few others in our community are already working on coupling immersed boundary codes: Topics tagged immersed-boundary