Using NLGEOM in ccx

*ERROR: solution seems to diverge; please try
automatic incrementation; program stops
best solution and residuals are in the frd file

Hello developer, when I searched for this error in the discussion area, I found that it had occurred in the previous version of ccx 2.16, but it would not have occurred if I returned to 2.15. However, now that I am using the latest version of all(OpenFOAM-v2206,CalculiX2.20,preCICE2.5.0), this error (using NLGEOM in ccx) still appears. How can I resolve it?

Hi @wut_wang,

It is hard to predict the cause of the error without knowing much about your case setup. Are you trying to solve one of the existing preCICE tutorial cases by modifying the NLGEOM option?