Undefined symbol during the compilation of the openfoam adapter


I am installing preCICE, Calculix and OpenFOAM on a remote cluster. Except the openfoam adapter, all the parts have been successfully (and surprisingly easily) compiled.

Regarding the openfoam adapter, I will work with OpenFOAM 7 so I have taken the corresponding adapter. The wmake gives no error while the ldd.log leads to an undefined symbol

ldd.log (8.2 KB)

wmake.log (40.7 KB)

Do you have any idea of where could the problem stem from ?

Thank you

Hi @fsalmon,

I cannot try something out right now, but an easy question first: how did you install OpenFOAM?

It looks like it compiled fine (see wmake.log - no errors) but it could not link to some OpenFOAM symbol (see ldd.log at the bottom). This is unusual and I have only seen it when building OpenFOAM from source and some part of the building failed.

Thank you for your reply.

Indeed, it is also my feeling. There was an error during the compilation of OpenFOAM, so I deleted some files (only some mesh utilities) to override this issue. It compiled well after this, and I can run the OpenFOAM tutorials.

Anyway, I will try to install again OpenFOAM on this cluster on Monday and I will get back to you.

Have a nice week-end

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Good news, the issue stemmed from the installation of OpenFOAM. I deleted the previous version and installed it again by removing the errors before compiling.

So the problem is solved.

Thank you

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