Undefined reference to get_mesh_vertices_and_ids_

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Very excited to see this thread as I would also like to try the same job. Don’t know if you’ve done your idea, I’m currently facing a difficulty, because my fluid solver is in Fortran language, I used the precicef_get_mesh_vertices_and_IDs function when I want to get the mesh vertex coordinates and IDs, but when compiling, the compiler tells I get:

undefined reference to `precicef_get_mesh_vertices_and_ids_'

This is why, the version I use is precice 2.5.0. May I ask are you getting the grid position data for the solid directly, or are you using the displacement? In C++ code, using precice.getMeshVerticesAndIDs

I would appreciate it if you could share me your config file (precice-config.xml)


In v2.5.0, the Fortran function is called precicef_get_mesh_vertices_and_IDs_.

This may be renamed or completely changed in preCICE v3.

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