Steady-state iteration in serial-explicit coupling schemes

I’m using a serial-explicit coupling scheme in fortran code. I need to iterate before transient calculation to get the steady state. This means two participant need to exchange data many times at 0.00 seconds, and the time need to stay at 0.00 seconds. However, precicef_advance(dt) requires a time step input that cannot be 0.00. So is there a way to implement steady-state inner iteration in serial-explicit coupling schemes?

Does your code support restarting? I think that would be the easiest: you compute the steady-state and then you restart with the coupling enabled.

At least this is how we approach, e.g., the Turek-Hron FSI benchmarks: OpenFOAM-preCICE: Coupling OpenFOAM with External Solvers for Multi-Physics Simulations | OpenFOAM® Journal

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Thank you for your reply. Program restart is indeed a good solution to this problem. I should add a restart function to my program. By the way, i would like to know why preCICE does not allow the time advance for the data exchange process to be 0.0.

I am not sure, but I assume to avoid divisions by zero in various parts of the coupling algorithms.

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