Spatial-varing Modulus or FSI simulation for connected multi-bodies

Dear preCICE developers and users,
I am using the OpenFOAM and Calculix (of course with PreCICE) to do the FSI simulation of a morphing turbine blade, and I am trying to implement spatial-varing Modulus values to the blade. For example, I wish the Modulus could gradually increase from the blade leading edge to trailing edge. May I ask whether it is possible to achive this in Calculix?
A test I am doing now is to break the blade to several sections to achieve this, but I have not found a way to properly set the motion constraints for the interaces between these sections in Calculix. As shown in the attached picture, I am using two .inp files to set Body 1 and Body 2, but there is no way to tackle the interface (red line) between Body 1 and Body 2. Does any one have experience in this and suggest on how to achieve this?
Great thanks for any suggestions!

Hello I would try to use the temperature boundary condition in Calculix to create a pseudo temperature field that corresponds to the Young’s modulus distribution. Then you can define a temperature-dependent Young’s modulus. You can also control the whole thing via time functions and thus start with a stiff system (e.g. for stability reasons) and adjust the Young’s modulus over time via the temperature.


Hi Ulrich,
Sounds a very interesting idea! Thanks a lot for this suggestion. It seems there is no direct way to adjust the Modulus at different positions. I will try to implement this to see whether it will work.
Cheers, Yabin