Running preCICE with a single mpirun for AMR


I recently discovered the preCICE librairy and I am interested in using it for mesh interpolation and fields transfer in an AMR process within a single solver.

I naively tried to run preCICE with a single mpirun that manages two participants carrying each one mesh but without success.

Is it possible to consider using preCICE with a single solver ? 1- multiple participants carrying one mesh or 2- single participant carrying multiple meshes ?

Thank you very much.

Hi @ramzi,

I assume that by AMR you mean adaptive mesh refinement. Support for adaptive meshes is not yet available in preCICE, but it is in our roadmap. (cc @fsimonis)

What does “without success” mean?

One participant can carry multiple meshes, but not multiple copies of preCICE itself (multiple interfaces). I am not sure if that’s what you mean and something you need, as it has not really been needed so far. It is, however, also on our roadmap.