Reading reactions from B32 elements differs with ANSYS

I want to find the reaction forces acting on the beam fixed points. Main purpose is to make comparison of these reaction force results with ansys and verify calculix. The model consists of two beam(B32) elements as you can see in the figure. It is fixed from the two points at the top and the force is applied from the lower node in the global x, global y and global z directions in separate analyzes. The loading situation in which the reaction forces differ the most is the loading situation in the z direction, which I have shown in the figure. The default setting of 0.0,-1 on the third line in the BEAM_SECTION card has a major impact on the results. What is the reason of this? What would you recommend to do so that I can get close results with Ansys.

Hello @rx8

This question appears to be specific to CalculiX, and hence I would suggest asking this in the CalculiX Discourse: