Quickstart: Visualizing the results

The following section in Quickstart:

You can visualize the simulation results of the Fluid participant using ParaView and loading the (empty) file fluid-openfoam/fluid-openfoam.foam . The rigid body does not generate any readable output files, but the OpenFOAM data should be enough for now: click “play” in ParaView, the flap should already be moving! :tada:

is unclear to me.

Hi @ng0177,

what exactly is unclear? It is important for us to understand, so that we can improve the documentation.

Assuming that you already know how to use ParaView, what this message is essentially saying is that there are no solid results to visualize.

Assuming you don’t already know how to use ParaView, this is covered in many OpenFOAM-related tutorials and courses. Example:

ParaView Documentation:


We do want to create some videos at some point, but this is more of a wish than a plan at the moment.

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Hi @Makis, thanks for getting back. Indeed, I do not know how to use ParaView but this tutorial along with your explanation solves the problem. If the link to the video tutorial is included in Quickstart, it would help others, too. Thanks again, Thomas

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Noted: Quickstart: Add some link/video on using ParaView · Issue #380 · precice/tutorials · GitHub

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