preCICE v2.5 gives no SolverInterface files in include folder

Please describe your system, and especially:

  • preCICE version: v.2.5.0
  • Operating system or platform: Ubuntu 20.04.4
  • Installation method: building with CMake
  • Dependency versions: gcc-13.2.0 / Boost-1.83.0 / Eigen-3.4.0 / libxml2-2.9.13 / openmpi-4.1.5 / CMake-3.27.4

Description on the problem:
There is no error in the installation procedure. However, with preCICE v2.5.0, I get no “SolverInterface.hpp, SolverInterfaceC.h, SolverInterfaceFortran.hpp” files, which are required by my solver relying on preCICE.

Previously, I was using preCICE v2.4.0 and it gave me those files. However, v2.5.0 is giving the files that look something similar (e.g., "preciceC.h, preciceFortran.hpp, precice.hpp), but not the “SolverInterface” files described in the above paragraph.

Is this something expected throughout the update from v2.4 to v2.5? Or there might be some mistakes that I made during the installation of v2.5?

Thank you for considering your support.

Hi @smjo1021

How did you install preCICE? Did you do a source installation?

The master repository was git cloned then installed.
Should it be installed using tar-ball?

I tried re-installation by downloading the source tar file, and now I can see the SolverInterface files that I was looking for.

As a follow-up question: I was wondering why this does happen.

If you are doing a source installation, you have to do make install after make for the file copying to happen. make install will copy the files to the install prefix configured in CMake. If you did not configure an install prefix, the files will be copied to the default user path: /usr/lib.

The precice.hpp, preciceC.h, … are the new names for these files, coming up in preCICE v3 (still unreleased). You probably accidentally downloaded the develop branch, which is the one you see on the landing page of the repository on GitHub.

I would suggest cleaning-up before building v2.5.0 again in that case. But good that you already solved it! :slight_smile:

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