OpenFOAM-CalculiX: Timestep Error

In CalculiX Input File under


you specify the (initial) increment size with the first argument and the time period of the CalculiX step with the second one. In your case:

  0.0001, 0.01

With the keyword DIRECT you keep the increment size fixed.
Now the problem is that the CalculiX Timestep is finished after 100*0.0001s(increment size)=0.01s(timeperiod of the timestep). And as the CalculiX adapter doesn’t support more Timesteps in CalculiX it just takes the increments of this one timestep and an error occurs if the increment is legitimately set to 0, which is the case, when the time period is reached.

I guess the solution for your case to run until 1s would be to specify the time period of the timestep as 1, leading to the following lines in your CalculiX input file:


Maybe you can try that.