Issue with first time run preCICE with python-binding

I just installed python-binding and tried to run the first test.

python3 precice-config.xml SolverOne MeshOne

The error message is as follows:

preCICE: This is preCICE version 2.2.0
preCICE: Revision info: v2.2.0
preCICE: Configuration: Release (Debug and Trace log unavailable)
preCICE: Configuring preCICE with configuration "precice-config.xml"
preCICE: I am participant "SolverOne"
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 42, in <module>
    assert (interface.is_mesh_connectivity_required(mesh_id) is False)
AttributeError: 'cyprecice.Interface' object has no attribute 'is_mesh_connectivity_required'
preCICE: Implicitly finalizing in destructor

What is wrong with my installation?

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I think your solverdummy (maybe your Python bindings too) is too new. Did you use the solverdummy from the develop branch on GitHub? If so, I would recommend using the solverdummy (and bindings) of version or update your preCICE to version 2.3.0 and reinstalling the bindings.

preCICE has gotten an new API call in 2.3.0 called isMeshConnectivityRequired (changelog). This new function call is used in the solverdummy of the develop branch of the bindings, as you can see in line 42, but is missing in older versions of the solverdummy see here.


Thank you very much for your reply! Your solution worked. I installed preCICE some time ago and my pythonbinding is too new. So I just reinstalled the latest preCICE (2.3.0) and the bindings as well. Now it is running without any issues.


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