Installing Spack for preCICE

I am trying to install preCICE v2.2.0 on a Linux computer cluster by following the steps outlined in Installing preCICE | preCICE - The Coupling Library

As I try to source the file, I get the following error:
ImportError: No module named ‘typing’

Any idea what the error is for ?

Welcome, @ArpanS!

This sounds like an issue to report to Spack itself: Issues · spack/spack · GitHub

With a quick search I could not find any other reports of the same, so this is either very new, or depending on your system setup. What Python version are you using? It should run with any major Python version out there: Getting Started — Spack 0.16.0 documentation

If you don’t find anything, you could try installing typing (and any other missing packages) e.g. with pip3 install --user typing. But maybe try reporting this to Spack already, the should work out of the box.

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