How to use log filter

how can I log everything except the timestepping messages like

it 1 of 1 | dt# 19 | t 18 of 100 | dt 1 | max dt 0.999981 | ongoing yes | dt complete no |

I tried the following which does not work because it still outputs everything:

<sink type="stream" output="stdout"  filter='(%Severity% >= debug) and (not (%Message% contains "max dt"))' format="%Severity%:\033[0;33m%Rank% [precice]\033[0m %ColorizedSeverity%\033[0;33m%Message%\033[0m" enabled="true" />

I found a solution:

filter='(%Severity% >= debug) and (not (%Function% = "advance"))'

Now its less verbose like I want to have it. Thanks

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