How to reset mesh when coupling?

i know I will use setMeshVertices() before initialize(), but for fluent , I use gridmotion,that mean
the meshVertices info will change when coupling.
so my question is : how to set new Mesh Vertices info to precice when coupling?

when I try call setMeshVertices() in coupling , i will get the error info as follow:

As the error suggests, this is currently not (easily) possible with preCICE. The feature for dynamic meshes is under development. (cc @fsimonis)

We have a FAQ on this Can preCICE be used with moving meshes?

I try call remesh() , the error disappear,but i don’t know right or not, I think i must test it.

have you try it? success or not ?

resetMesh isn’t part of the API and doesn’t work.

preCICE doesn’t directly support adaptive-dynamic meshes. You have to handle this in your adapter either by using direct-mesh access and performing your own data mapping on the participant with the moving mesh, or by using an ALE approach.

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