How to configure two-way coupling fluid - fluid

Hi everyone!
I am a newbie using preCICE. Now I am facing a problem with coupling two channels simulation like below picture.

Do you know how to coupling slip and moving wall by using OpenFoam adapter ?

I hope I could receive the great answer !

Thank you

Welcome, @Hoaithanhbk_281113!

I am not sure I understand your question. Could you describe the problem a bit more? Is it maybe a flow above a porous medium?

If yes, then this is not trivial to do with the adapter at the moment, you may need to extend it. But I believe that @ajaust could have some nice resources to point you to regarding this.

I coupled two fluids with each other, but some slip coupling condition (Beavers-Joseph) instead of a moving wall. If it is still of interest, I can find some of the resources.