FSI case (dealii &openfoam)

Hi,guys,when i used Gmeh to generate .msh file, something is wrong here. console message: Number of coupling nodes: 0, I dont know how to do .
when i use openfoam&dealii to simulate FSI case
Reference volume: 0.5
Number of active cells: 32
Polynomial degree: 4
Number of degrees of freedom: 7,803
Setting up quadrature point data…
Output written to solution-000.vtk

 Number of coupling nodes:     0

—[precice] Setting up master communication to coupling partner/s

 because Number of coupling nodes:     0
i dont know why

Hi @KaylaSophia,

how does your workflow look like? Usually, it’s not possible to simply load Gmesh generated meshes into our simple deal.II examples without changing the source code itself. deal.II itself has facilities to load meshes (e.g. The deal.II Library: GridIn< dim, spacedim > Class Template Reference), but they are not integrated in the code yet. With our CalculiX solver, on the other hand, you load meshes off-the-shelf.

Thanks for your reply ,DavidSCN.
This problem has been solved,now there are new one.
When i input meshes generated by Gmsh and icem to dealii and openfoam respectively meantime ,console show continuity error,but when only input meshes generated by Gmsh or icem to dealii or openfoam there is no wrong. Last, my English is poor ,sorry~

Could you maybe post the console output and elaborate a bit more in detail what you are trying to do and how you approach your situation right now?