Forces in OpenFoam and Calculix

Hello ,
I am doing some FSI simulations with Precice using OF and Calculix.
I am wondering what is the difference between the forces evaluated by OF using “” and the Force that is obtained when I run the coupled simulation with precice “”?

The forces evaluated from OF are always larger by a factor of 10^3

In principle, we use the same code, ported into our codebase.

Have you set the reference density accordingly?

Yes i checked everything , i read that it may be due to solving the fluid in parallel but i can’t see how to fix this.

@Karim_Ahmed sorry for the delay, I did not really have time to check the forum for a while.

Did you manage to solve this issue, or find any clues on what could the difference be?

I found that forces that are calculated in Calculix are normalized by some value either related to the face area or density, so I keep using that produced from the "”