Force emergency stop of all participants if one participant failed

Dear preCICE community,

I’m coupling our fluid solver with preCICE. In case of normal termination of the coupled simulation, i.e., without any error, our fluid solver calls the function finalize() of preCICE and then terminates. The other participant terminates too as it should.

However, in case of an error in our fluid solver, i.e., some divergence of the solver or some negative volumes in the mesh, our solver terminates with a call MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD) without finalize() of preCICE. In that case our fluid solver aborts as it should, but the other participant waits for the next exchange…

Is there a preCICE way to do an emergency termination from one participant, so that all participants terminates with an error?

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There is no direct way to do this. But you could for example solve such problems on a system level. Similar as done here:

Hi Benjamin,

ok, I will take that. That’s a solution!

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