Fin flutter simulation displacement problem

Hi, I am trying to run an FSI simulation (OpenFOAM 7, Calculix 2.16) in order to verify if flutter occurs to my fin. I tried to use both rhoPimpleFoam and rhoCentralFoam but after about 4.5e-5 [s] (with timestep 1e-7) Courant number rises from 0.003 to 30 in one iteration and silmutation fails. After i looked closer to mesh i noticed some strange behaviour of the cells. Is it possible that this is the reason of the Courant number rising? What can I change in order to make mesh behave more “realistic”?
Quick summary:
Open Foam:
solver: rhoCentralFoam/rhoPimpleFoam
timestep: 1e-7
ddt: Euler (transient)
turbulence: laminar
mapping: nearest-neighboor
Boundary condtitions
Photo of streangly acting mesh


From the details you give it is not easy to guess what could go wrong. You could try a more accurate mapping algorithm in preCICE, nearest projection or RBF.


Thanks for response,
I did try the nearest-projection but the effect is still the same.
Here I uploaded some more photos and data of the case: .

In the picture FINsim.jpg You can see the case from inlet perspective. The problem itself happens after about 4.5e-5 [s] of the simulation. I also tried running the case without the CalculiX for 0.01[s] so the fields were intialised. Then i started simulation from that time with CalculiX and something strange happened to the pressure field (t=0.01015).

Do You have any idea why does the pressure field get so distributed? I started to think that this strange behaviour of the pressure field is the main cause of the problem.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Kacper,

To better understand your case, the iterations and convergence log files of preCICE would be good. Also, vtk export of the coupling meshes.
Did you see that you need additional input files if you want to use CalculiX with nearest-projection mapping?
In principle there are always many things that can go wrong. Too many for any quick guess.


Thanks for the reply, and my apologies for answering so late.
I added all additional files but somehow I missed the option mesh-nodes-with-connectivity and there was only mesh nodes. After changing this line simulation worked for a longer time but still diverges.

Here are logs files:

Here I add a video showing the pressure field on the fin. As You can see the displacement looks strange and this disturbs the airflow.

Additionally I also add link to simulation folder with simplified geometry which also diverges: