Does preCICE support Python 2?

If my code is written in Python 2, do I still have a chance to use preCICE (even an older version), now that the clock is ticking?

preCICE offers language bindings for Python. However, we only officially support Python3. This means that our tests and tutorials are only using Python3 and we cannot really promise that everything will work out of the box if you use Python2.

Therefore, I would recommend you to use Python3, if possible. However, if you code setup requires Python2, you can also try using Python2 with preCICE: The python bindings have been successfully used with Python2 some time ago and it worked. You might face some issues. But then you can, of course, open an issue on github or ask for help on gitter and we will try to get it working.

The file requires Python >= 3. However, I don’t recognize any python 3 specific code in Maybe manually changing the requirement to Python >= 2 would immediately help.

If you want to port your code from Python 2 to 3 you can use this nice web-based tool or this official tool.