Coupling Palabos with OpenFOAM

can i possibly use preCICE to couple palabos LBM with OpenFOAM FVM


it could be possible. I have partially coupled Palabos with CalculiX for FSI cases, however this is difficult as each new case requires writing a Palabos solver. What would be the coupling interface? A volume or a surface?

For the FSI case, Palabos reads in an STL file that is then able to provide the coordinates of the coupling interface. These points can then be modified to include displacement of the solid domain, and the forces on this surface can be extracted. However, I am not sure if a volume coupling is possible as you need the volume mesh from somewhere.


Hie Kyle

Thanx for the response, i am new to palabos. i however have managed to grast the concepts in palabos and i need to simulate flow in porous mediums of different geometries.
i can import my geometries from STL files and i can also call them from a header file where they are defined as equations from differential geometry. Considering that i need to couple
Palabos with OpenFOAM FVM, i would say the coupling interface is a volume.

Hie Kyle

What do you think?



I am not too familiar with Palabos internal workings. If the you require volume coupling, that means you need to exchange information in the Palabos mesh itself. I think it might be better to ask on the Palabos forum how to do that.

For surface FSI coupling, I started with the movingWall example and worked from that. Do you know of an example where palabos changes information in the fluid domain itself? Do you know what variables it is you need to couple?